It is time to ditch artificial green roofs, living walls, moss walls, and plantscaping and adopt flora naturally in its complete glory

‘Our aim is to enrich and transform your living environment, including both your office or residential space health’ smiles Mr Ankit Doshi , CEO & Founder – GreenHomes Mumbai. ‘Whether you want some contemporary and modern or classic and old-school, or a heady mixed bag of both, Green Homes Mumbai will help you with the best ideas, tools, and the latest information on plants to help you redecorate and renovate your living space in style and serenity’.

GreenHomes Mumbai was founded with a vision to decorate homes in tandem with nature. Our motto is to usher in living spaces to pave so that nature’s peaceful rhythm can flow into homes just how sunshine floats through trees.

‘At Green Homes Mumbai, we help you redesign your house in a more ecological and environment-friendly way. We redefine style and offer practical, real-life inspirations to make your house a comfortable abode. Excellent decorating and balcony-gardening furniture to serene and peaceful house-loving plants, GreenHomes shows you how to go about decorating’ adds Ankit. 

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Mr Ankit Doshi , CEO & Founder – GreenHomes Mumbai.

Green Homes Mumbai’s team is skilled in redefining your living space, lawns, balconies, or even your hallways with little flowery gifts from mother nature.By incorporating the best of what the floral world has to offer and pairing the design expertise of our professionals, we proudly present natural and relaxing decorating inspirations and architecture in the form of renovation ideas.

‘We want you to lead a better and cleaner lifestyle with plants through the principles of biophilic design. Our aim is not to replicate nature but to include it in the built environment’ reiterates Ankit. I cleared the small plot of land in front of my house and planted a host of trees, which will soon blossom into a beautiful attractive flowering garden’ Ankit fondly recollects his first experience.

The team at GreenHomes embraces environmental stewardship by largely advocating the health benefits of keeping live plants in your home or workplace.

‘While we continue to exceed your expectation, we are dedicated to providing unsurpassed plants and services’ concludes Ankit. ‘Sometimes it may not be possible to have a garden but you can always make do with indoor plants. Decorating plants in the houses not just beautifies your space but also provides fresh air, maintains oxygen levels, and also cheers up the mood. I try to distribute saplings to friends and people I know so that they can begin with their own little ‘Green Home’.

“Always deliver more than expected”

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