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‘Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution, empowers enterprises to dramatically reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, productivity and accelerate performance’

‘Robots / Digital Work forces use software with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform’ explains Venkatesh Babu, Managing Director, Glosap Group. ‘These tasks can be queries, calculations, Data entry, Reports, e-mails, Reminders, maintenance of records and transactions, etc., Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is […]

It is time to ditch artificial green roofs, living walls, moss walls, and plantscaping and adopt flora naturally in its complete glory

‘Our aim is to enrich and transform your living environment, including both your office or residential space health’ smiles Mr Ankit Doshi , CEO & Founder – GreenHomes Mumbai. ‘Whether you want some contemporary and modern or classic and old-school, or a heady mixed bag of both, Green Homes Mumbai will help you with the […]

WOW Schools to deploy a novel model in mid level Schools to enhance the Standards now in India

‘Building a Smart Ecosystem for Affordable Private Schools is our Vision’ says Sam Nicholas, Founder & Business Development Director of UPSWINGS Educare Private Limited explains.  A Coimbatore based Startup, WOW (Wings Of Wonder), is a team of academicians and industry experts with a passion for education. WOW SCHOOLS has a well defined program for Affordable […]

‘Unleash the super parent in you’ – Totto Learning

‘There has been a paradigm shift in how children are being educated in the recent past’ says  Jofin Joseph  Founder and CEO of Totto learning, a Startup from Kochi. ‘A lot of them have moved to an online learning environment. Though we can debate all-day about the pro’s and con’s of the model, there is […]

‘Persistence, Resilience & Patience are the key traits expected in candidate who shall be willing to build something new’

‘COVID has been a catalyst in disguise which helped realigning focus on cold chain thus the logistics sector’ says  Pravesh Soni, GM – Business Developement & Executive TA to ‘Managing Director. ‘There is a need to more consented approach specially when we see a big headroom for e-commerce and Industrial and manufacturing growth followed by […]

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