TimeFrame Studio – ‘ I’ve learned to appreciate all the small things that come to me’

‘Being a professional photographer, I’m into one of the most informal professions. Thus I make the most out of it by interacting with clients with a very friendly gesture. Comfort is a very crucial factor in any client-business relation. Comfort and friendliness create the perfect ambience to understand different businesses. It helps me deliver to the expectations’ Angad Joshi the young Photographer & founder of TimeFrame Studio from Pune bears a broad smile intalk with India Startup360. As a photographer, I have always tried to create images that will speak for themselves. I’m proudly presenting my work here at My Portfolio’.

Angad Joshi

Photographer & founder of TimeFrame Studio

‘In the years I’ve been a professional photographer, I’ve learned to appreciate all the small things that come to me as client requirements. I and my team use the camera and related equipment in the most proficient way to capture all the required details to deliver satisfaction to our clients. We believe in keeping it natural, least artificial effects give our work the human touch. Making our work appealing. Such moments create long-lasting memories and those are worth treasuring’.

After completing his MCA from Pune University, as a University topper Angad had a sitter opportunity in Data Warehouse. But he couldn’t resist his passion for Photography and quit the White-collar job and choose Photography as his profession. As a Professional Photographer Angad specializes in various segments in Photography like Food Photography, Interior Photography, Product Photography & Wedding Photography

‘I have been shooting weddings, family events, portfolios, pre-wedding, couples, food photography for brands, products for online portals. We also film videos for corporates and individuals. We create online video tutorials presented by trainers which can be utilized on their personal web channels. We strongly believe in knowledge sharing. We also conduct various photography workshops for corporates and individuals’.

Angad’s Photo Blog ‘Time Frame’ is most sought after by Photo enthusiasts across the country. His YouTube videos for various channels like POMP (Pune On My Plate) are most sought after among Pune’s food lovers.  

As a tip to budding Photographers, Angad lists 5 Common Photography Mistakes To Avoid. Using Auto-Mode, Not Visualizing The Shot Before You Click, Leaving Your Comfort Zone, Getting Too Creative & Not Evaluating Your Work.

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