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‘Persistence, Resilience & Patience are the key traits expected in candidate who shall be willing to build something new’

‘COVID has been a catalyst in disguise which helped realigning focus on cold chain thus the logistics sector’ says  Pravesh Soni, GM – Business Developement & Executive TA to ‘Managing Director. ‘There is a need to more consented approach specially when we see a big headroom for e-commerce and Industrial and manufacturing growth followed by […]

‘we take the initiative to understand what you do and prepare to meet your ever-changing requirements’ – Mr. Ishaan Singh Bedi

‘We use our fleet of trucks and strategically located warehouses to maximize the efficiency of your supply chain. No matter what your industry is’ says Ishan Singh Bedi, CEO of Synchronised Supply Systems Ltd. ‘Synchronized Supply Systems Ltd stores, moves and delivers your products with services customized to meet the demands of your business On […]

‘Planned logistics in supply chain management is extremely important to successful business’

‘Behind every great leader there was an even greater logistician’ states V. Ravi, Co-Founder of the Ecargolog– spear heading the organisation. ‘Effective logistics plan includes automation, delivery time, and coordination. Even if a business is successful there is always room for improvement. V. Ravi, Co-Founder of the Ecargolog. ‘Your Logistics Strategies Generate Positive Business Results […]

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