Everyone has an inner motivation to improve

inner motivation

‘This “motive for action” is divided into three motivational categories namely achievement, affiliation, and power‘ briefs Dr. E Bhaskaran, Joint Director (Engineering), Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Tamil Nadu, during his keynote address at the IS360 Virtual Startup Expo, conducted from 18th December to 24th December 2020.

According to Dr. Bhaskaran, there are 10 Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies. These can be broadly grouped into three clusters.

inner motivation

Source: ResearchGate

Achievement Cluster consists of Opportunity-seeking and initiative, Persistence, Fulfilling Commitment, Demand for efficiency and quality & Taking calculated risks. 

The second being the Planning Cluster Consist of Goal setting, Information seeking, Systematic planning and monitoring.

The Power Cluster consists of Persuasion and networking, Independence and self-confidence.

Dr. Bhaskaran’s session was part of the Boot Camp organized by the coordinating committee headed by Mr. V Ravi, Founder of Ecargolog, who jointly organised the Virtual Startup Expo, which was the first of its kind in India. Dr. Bhaskaran gave a brief presentation on 10 steps to becoming a Technopreneur within 100 days. 

He also elaborated various schemes & and provided useful tips to avail those schemes. He provided first-hand Information about Conception of Projects, Preparing feasibility studies, Deciding Form of Business, Choosing Land & Building, Sourcing Raw material and Machinery, Applying for Licences & Permits, Financing of Projects, Implementing the Project, Statutory Registrations & Planning & Organizing the Business. He also provided the procedures and relevant links to complete the formalities.

inner motivation
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'MSMEs play a vital role in contributing to the economic development of India and account for 6000 products, 30% of Gross Value of Output in Manufacturing Sector and 40% of Exports directly and indirectly in the Country' explained Dr. Bhaskaran.

This Sector generates the largest employment of about 70 million next to Agriculture. 73rd Round NSSO– 633.92 lakhs-Mfg, Ser. & Buss. Facilitates equitable distribution of National Wealth and reduces inter-and intra-regional disparities by exploiting rural skills thus helping to reduce migration. MSMEs also serve as a nursery for entrepreneurial talent in the Country. MSME Share of Manufacturing Sector in GDP is 16%‘ concluded Dr. Bhaskaran.

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