‘We cannot transform the wild bushes into nicely shaped bonsai by just trimming the ends!’

‘The reason why Reengineering is able to achieve quantum-leap improvements in process performance is because we are going for RADICAL makeovers, going as far as starting from a clean  slate. The more radically different the reengineered process is from the original, the more likely it will be a vast improvement!’ These were the preachings at his final online Session on Total Quality Management of Mr. Vijayaraghavan, fondly known as Viji in his Business circles. He was Senior consultant at TQM Quest Consultancy services.

Viji often used to quote 'Business processes are the arteries of your organization. How well you serve your customers, how quickly you can respond to changes in the business environment and to your customers’ demands, depends totally on your business processes'.

Frequently, businesses get so embroiled in the “bread-and-butter” issues, fighting the endless fires and crises that plague the business, they do NOT have the time, nor the energy, nor the AWARENESS to scrutinize the very processes that give rise to those fires.

Mr. Vijayaraghavan
BQMT, Associate Vice Presient

‘When was the last time you did a systematic review of your key business processes? If you have NOT done so for a while, it is likely that your processes will look like bushes in the wild when they should look like well-trimmed bonsai, “ he used to ask the customers. ‘I call Business Process Reengineering the ART of Corporate Bonsai. How would you like your business processes to look? Let us help you get your corporate bonsais into shape!’ were his suggestions

As Associate Vice President, BQMT –  SRF ltd’s Technical Textiles business he headed business TQM and spearheaded TQM in 8 units and 5 businesses. He was overall coordinator for the annual planning process of SRF TTB for 3 years. Carried out facilitations like Management diagnosis of all processes, issue identification, preparation of themes and budget of all businesses and sub processes and Created common standards for tyre cord, Belting fabrics, laminated and coated fabrics. He Facilitated more than 70 improvement projects of all units and all businesses (TCF,BF,CF and LF). He also Carried out domain training on QC tools, SPC, higher order statistical tools, FMEA, control plans, MSA and uncertainty. Anchored the process of getting the certification for Integrated Management System for the Coated Fabric plant and Created a unique skill measurement system for SRF TTB.

In short he breathed Quality all though his Career!

Vijayaraghavan has served one single Organization since 1981. Such a loyal and dedicated professional he was. A good singer and man with a high sense of humour and of course a kind human being! Kishore Kumar’s ‘Chalte chalte’ was his all time favourite Song!

He breathed last on 29th December 2020. IS360 pays rich tributes to the Man of Qualities on his 65th Birth anniversary on 7th July!

Of course not only his sweet family, but the entire Business circle will remember him for a long time!

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