With emerging technologies like Augmented reality, virtual reality and voice applications, there will be no distance.

Varsha Sharma, Director at VRAugment Works Pvt Ltd a Self-learned entrepreneur,  started her entrepreneurial journey in 2012. At the age of 20, she started an event management company in Chennai with a small team of 5 and went in to win  ‘Young women Entrepreneur 2013’. A Masters in Human Resource Management from the University of Madras she started her professional journey with a start-up company in Pune, her In-law’s city.

Thanks to the Digital Revolution the emerging TechnologyAugmented Reality attracted her and after a successful experiment, VRAugment successfully built an Education product in AR, which was an instant hit and there was nothing to stop. 

“Since 2016 Augment Works has been helping businesses conceptualize ideas, sell better and create immersive experiences through interactive technologies AR, VR, voice application, mobile app, website development” Varsha puts a big smile and narrates the success story.

"Despitef uncertainty midst COVID-19, I am proud to say that Augment Works is been listed in top 5 AR VR companies in Pune and top 20 in India, our  dream to expand this venture across the globe will be certainly accomplished" a confident-looking Varsha reiterates.

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