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Igniting Innovation: Unlocking Opportunities at IS360 Startup Expo Cum Summit

In the dynamic world of startups, innovation is the heartbeat that propels ideas into reality. Recognizing the pivotal role of innovators, IS360 Startup Expo Cum Summit emerges as the gateway to a realm of opportunities, collaboration, and transformative growth.

The Innovation Ecosystem Unveiled :

IS360 Startup Expo Cum Summit isn’t just an event; it’s a thriving ecosystem that celebrates creativity, vision, and groundbreaking ideas. For innovators, this is the stage where dreams take flight, and where your ideas find resonance with a community that values the spirit of innovation.

Why IS360 Startup Expo Cum Summit Matters :

Networking Extravaganza :

Connect with like-minded innovators, industry experts, and potential collaborators. IS360 offers a vibrant space to expand your network, fostering collaborations that can propel your innovation to new heights.

Showcasing Your Innovation :

Your innovation deserves the spotlight. IS360 provides a platform to showcase your groundbreaking ideas to a diverse audience, including investors, mentors, and industry leaders. It’s a chance to make your mark on the startup landscape.

Learning from Experts :

Gain insights from seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts, and thought leaders. IS360 curates a lineup of speakers who share their experiences, challenges, and success stories, providing invaluable lessons for innovators on their journey.

Access to Funding Opportunities :

Funding is often the lifeblood of innovation. IS360 brings together financial institutions, investors, and venture capitalists, offering innovators a chance to pitch their ideas and secure potential funding for their ventures.

Specialized Workshops and Sessions :

Enhance your skills and knowledge through specialized workshops and sessions tailored for innovators. Stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and methodologies that can further enrich your innovation journey.

Unlocking a Special Discount :

“In our commitment to support innovators, IS360 is extending a special discount of Rs. 4,800/- for those who recognize the transformative potential of this expo. The original price for this invaluable opportunity is Rs. 6,000/-. However, by availing this exclusive offer, you can ensure that your innovation takes center stage at the summit for the final discounted price of just Rs. 1,200/- (Inclusive of GST). Act now to secure your place and propel your innovation to new heights!”

- Parasarthy iynger, ceo of is360

How to Avail the Special Discount :

Join the Innovation Revolution :

IS360 Startup Expo Cum Summit is more than an event; it’s an invitation to join the innovation revolution. Innovators, this is your moment to shine, connect, and propel your ideas into the future. Avail the special discount and be part of a transformative experience that can redefine the trajectory of your innovation.


Don’t miss the chance to be at the forefront of innovation. See you at IS360 Startup Expo Cum Summit!

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