The Cake and Cream Factory – ‘Life is too short to eat bad cake’.The Cake and Cream Factory – ‘Life is too short to eat bad cake’

Do you know that there are numerous benefits of eating cakes and cupcakes’ Suhas Sangappa Tattitali, Director of Cake And Cream Factory Private Limited (CNCF), Pune puts a question with a big smile and starts his interaction with India Startup360. ‘Majority of cakes and cupcakes are made by combining different types of ingredients which contain various nutrients. And these nutrients have numerous health benefits’.

Carbohydrates are one of the major sources of energy in plenty of foods. And cakes & cupcakes are generally made by mixing flour and sugar together, which are excellent sources of carbohydrates. They can provide the entire body, including the muscles, brain and nervous system, with a sufficient amount of energy. In addition to that, the fats present in cakes are also good sources of energy. Apart from providing energy to your body, these sweet confections can also supply your body with a quality amount of protein. Cakes contain milk and eggs which are known to be some of the major sources of protein. And milk contains calcium which improves the functionality of bones and teeth. Also, cakes that are baked with dry fruits such as almond, cashew nuts, etc can serve the body with a good quantity of vitamins, and thereby strengthen the immune system.

‘Cakes containing fruits such as berries, pineapples and apples are a good source of fibre too. Fibre-rich foods can help our body to have a better digestive system. Some cakes and cupcakes are even made with carrot, and carrots contain a lot of fibres as well. Thus, consuming cupcakes and cakes containing all the aforementioned fruits can help to increase the fibre levels in our body, improve digestion and minimise the risk of heart diseases’ Suhas continues. ‘Thus, eating cakes and cupcakes can provide you with numerous health benefits and help your body stay fit’.

The Cake & Cream Factory’s delicious, lip-smacking, heart-melting Cakes, Pastries, Packed foods, etc; will ensure that your taste-buds & deepest Cravings are taken care of, & will raise your spirits no matter where you are or whom you’re with…

‘CNCF is a dream of two Hotel Management graduates and came into reality in September 2008. We had a deep-drawn passion for baking. My self & my co-founder Pritam Borawake, both are alumni of the prestigious ‘Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology’ and we decided to venture into a series of bakeries spread across the Pune landscape, offering variety, quality and service. Oday we have 160 plus outlets across the city’ adds Suhas.

CNCF offers a wide range of customised cakes to suit the occasions, moods and budgets.

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