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Shortfundly: A Cinematic Odyssey

In the vibrant realm of short films, where every frame tells a story, Shortfundly emerges as a visionary storyteller in its own right. Founded and championed by Selvam M, a Stanford University Graduate School of Business alumnus, Shortfundly is more than a platform – it’s a tapestry that intertwines technical acumen and creative expression.

Genesis of Cinematic Connection :

Imagine a space where short filmmakers and artists seamlessly connect, driven by a shared passion for storytelling. Selvam M, with a background in online video advertising, responded to a call from friends to promote their short films. This spark of inspiration led to the creation of Shortfundly, a digital haven where the magic of short films unfolds.

Tech meets Creativity:

It isn’t just a platform; it’s a manifestation of the synergy between engineers and filmmakers. Selvam M brings together the best of both worlds, crafting a platform that mirrors a deep understanding of the evolving dynamics of the film industry. It’s a place where technology and creativity dance in harmony.

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Empowering IndiaFilms :


“At its core, Shortfundly empowers india filmmakers to showcase their creations to a broader audience. The platform becomes a canvas where stories, irrespective of their length, find a voice.”

- Selvam M

Selvam M’s vision extends beyond more promotion – it’s about creating an ecosystem where india films not only survive but thrive.

Connecting Creators and Audiences :

Step into Shortfundly, and you step into a world where creators and audiences converge. It’s not just a platform for showcasing; it’s a space that facilitates connections. Filmmakers find suitable artists, and artists discover projects that resonate with their creative spirits. It’s a meeting ground where stories find their storytellers.

Image Credits : Shortfundly

Spotting Talent :

Shortfundly becomes the talent scout of the india film world. Through innovative tools and a comprehensive database, it acts as a matchmaker, bringing together filmmakers and artists in a serendipitous dance. Here, talent isn’t just acknowledged; it’s celebrated.

Film Festivals, OTT, Auditions – A Holistic Approach:

Shortfundly doesn’t stop at film promotion. It extends its reach to film festivals, collaborations with OTT platforms, and dedicated spaces for auditions. It becomes a one-stop destination, offering filmmakers opportunities that go beyond the screen.

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Image Credits : Shortfundly

In the grand cinematic narrative of Shortfundly, Selvam M orchestrates a symphony where each short film is a note, contributing to a harmonious blend of technology and creative storytelling.

Shortfundly isn’t just a platform; it’s a cinematic odyssey where india films become the protagonists, and Shortfundly, their stage.

Shortfundly can be reached at

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