Dr. Prof. Sudhir Gavhane – ‘Without a war with yourself and outside world you can’t create a space for yourself’.

‘Meaningful Life is full of struggles. This mental and physical struggle is not a destructive one but it’s constructive, creative and competitive. To enter this world you have to be courageous, confident and competent. Only those minds and brains achieve success’ suggests Dr. Sudhir Gavhane, who has served as the Head of Department at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University and acting Vice-Chancellor of YCMOU. For journalism to remain credible and relevant it has to have a strong synergistic relationship with University Departments of Media and Journalism, to Startup aspirants during an interaction with India Startup360 on the occasion of Teachers Day. ‘Only those minds and brains achieve success, those are ready to face failures, learn from failures and don’t run away from goals’. 

Dr. Gavhane’s Guru mantra on the eve of  Teacher’s Day to the startup community is – The ornaments of success are passion, devotion and determination. There is no shortcut to success and success demands a bill of payment of uncompromising commitment to hard work. 

Eminent Journalist Late Shri Abhinandan Thorat once wrote about Dr. Gavhane  ‘Journalism as a discipline is currently at the crossroads, facing the winds of rapid change brought about by technology, commercialization, politicisation and a ‘post-truth’ news scenario. These changes are counterbalanced by the revolutionary power of the Internet that has led to the rise of citizen journalists. In this time of flux, it is our universities that will lead us along the right path helmed by learned academicians’ He has not just moulded generations of competent and ethically sound journalists, but has been instrumental in establishing sustainable institutions in public universities that will continue to provide guidance to future aspiring journalists’ he wrote. 

Dr. Gavhane was born in Barshi on 16th April 1955, as the eldest of four children. His father Wamanrao Gavhane worked in the agricultural department while his mother Rukminibai was a primary school teacher. He was born at social activist Dr. Veena Surana’s Hospital, the place perhaps an indication of the passion for social justice and equality that he would develop later in life.

Dr. Gavhane had a passion for writing from a young age. He started writing letters to Editors for a daily Sanchar edited by noted Editor Ranga Vaidya while in the school itself and followed it up with articles, some of which were even used as editorials. This was a big confidence booster for young Gavhane. His journey began in a modest school in Bembele village in Solapur district that had a single teacher. Yet, the teacher was keen to imbibe an awareness of the environment, agriculture and development in the children. Thereafter he studied at Modnim, Barshi and eventually completed his 11th from Pandharpur with a high score of 75% that assured him direct recruitment to a Central Government job with the Post and Telegraph Department. Inspired by Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil’s idea of ‘earn and learn’,  Dr. Gavhane worked as a telephone operator at night and attended the Mahatma Gandhi College at Ahmadpur, Latur during the day. He set an example to Gandhi g’s saying ‘An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching’.

Regarding the limited attraction of the academic field for youngsters, Dr. Gavhane states ‘If they want to grow individually like Ashoka tree, they should go to the private and corporate sector, but if they want to grow like a banyan they should become teachers’. He cites the examples of many students who have forged successful careers and says that he is proud of the fact that they have more salary than him.

‘My dear young friends, we are living in an “Age of Ideations and Innovations”. Germinate courageous ideas, make them life missions, convert your dreams into reality. Empower yourself to empower others. Keep aim to not to become a job seeker instead job provider’ Dr. Gavhane tells the younger generation.

Think Globally ..! Act Globally ..!

Think Globally ..! Act Locally..!  

Think Locally ..! Act Globally 

Think Locally ..! Act Locally ..!

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