Nuti Food Science – ‘Eating all colors of food is beneficial to our health, our diet must include all colors of food items’.

Saurabh Talwadia, B.TECH from  IIT Delhi, MBA – IIM Lucknow, CEO of Nuti Food Science P Ltd, Surjapur, UP suggests during his chat with India Startup360. ‘The way to improve health is to provide – exercise, rest & nutrition to body & mind. 

We are in the business of providing nutrition to the body & mind. Our 100% healthy food and healthy & nutritious food and drink products improve immunity, detox & cleanse your body, reverse ageing and infuse life energies for your overall physical & mental well being’.

Nuti Food Science is the fastest-growing food and drink company in India and provides high quality, great taste and nutrition for all eating occasions whether at home, restaurants or on the go. Nutri Food Science is a young, passionate and driven healthy food processing company. Their food & beverage products are designed by a team of PhDs, Food Scientists and Doctors. and run by alumni of IIM, IIT and other premier colleges of India.

‘We value the trust that consumers place in our market-leading brands for their great taste, outstanding quality, and value. We are committed to producing good food and drink products every day. We believe in celebrating life. Millions enjoy our healthy food products every day, and we strive to make sure every experience with our product is positive’ Saurabh continues.


‘Healthy eating habits should include a balanced diet consisting of all essential nutrients for our body like proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Some dieticians also believe that eating all colours of food is beneficial to our health, therefore, our diet must include all colours of food items.  5 most important food groups that should be included in our meals every day are Whole grains (cereals), Dairy products, Fruits, Vegetables, beans and legumes,  Lean meat, eggs, poultry items and nuts. These groups will ensure you eat the colours one should eat’ Saurabh concludes.

Nuti Food team includes dynamic personalities like Krishan Veer – COO, Vijay Palyara – Supply Chain Director, Reenu Talwadia – Business Development Director, & Dr Prashant Gupta as Director of Food Science. Incorporated on 26 December 2019, Nuti Food Science now eyes on Pan India Market & looking for Distributors across India.

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