Students who actively take part in sports excel in studies, are multi-talented & real-time achievers


‘Only those Technologies that improve children’s creativity and make them playful are need of the hour’ opines Prof. Rajkumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kattankulathur Campus, SRM Institute of Science and Technology.Nuclear family Concept and the rise of monogamous life, it has become rare for children to go outside and play in city life’.

Prof. Rajkumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kattankulathur Campus, SRM Institute of Science and Technology.

‘Children are paralyzed at home with a mobile phone in hand, fall victim to diseases such as obesity and diabetes at an early age. More than 40% of school children in India are obese. This is due to the fact that children seldom go out and play. Apart from poor diet, Children are imprisoned at home even during the holidays as they spend much time on computers and mobile phones‘ adds the Professor.

Psychologists and successful Entrepreneurs say that there is a direct link between sports and stress. With the advent of modern technology, not only outdoor games but also home-based small group games are now declining. For instance,  Chess, a game developed in India that tests intelligence, has now become a one-man game. Thanks to  Artificial intelligence…  Team games such as cricket and football have also become processors on the mobile screen.

'Modern technology is the root cause of disease rather than protecting. You can't deny this feels Rajkumar. 'Affluent pour money in clubs and gyms to set aside time for exercise and protect their health and the poor can't afford it. But hard physical work helps them keep healthy. Ironically, the middle class is the victim, thanks to the IT revolution'

 ‘What’s the Solution? Evolve technology to protect health using technology detrimental to health. Just like making anti-venom using snake venom.  That’s the best way to use Technology’ asserts Prof. Rajkumar, SRM University…

Technologies like Virtual Reality are developing

Prof. Rajkumar, SRM University explains that Technologies like Virtual Reality are developing not only the on-screen viewing of Sports events happening anywhere in the world and experience of going live. Such Technology is used to train athletes in international sporting events like the Olympics is increasing day by day. We have facilities to observe how one walked, in which direction,  how many times heart beat faster, and how many calories burnt relatively between indoor and outdoor activities?

Sensors have been invented and applied to the clothes. Nylon fibre poles are used instead of bamboo in pole jumping competitions. Thanks to the contribution of Mechanical Engineering in sports. This is certainly a healthy technological development for the next generations.

‘There is a lot of research going on to help athletes and middle-class people.  MNCs are investing billions of rupees in these areas.  Experts from all walks have teamed up to improvise technologies. Many research workshops are conducted internationally and increase the role of technology in sports.  In India too, programs like Digi Sport Sight are conducting workshops and lectures at tourist spots like Kanyakumari to showcase the technical prowess of Indian youth‘. Points out the young Professor.

Physicians, nutritionists and mechanics are encouraging athletes to monitor and consult on a daily basis.  With the help of technology, athletes can be technically monitored during training to improve their skills and make them successful in future. It is time for students studying engineering technology in countries like India to focus on the technologies required for sports. Indian students have a lot of creativity & this uniqueness can lead to self-improvement and increase employment opportunities if you start spending time thinking about improving the game. 

‘Not only students studying in Electronic categories in Engineering but also Mechanical, Biological and Architectural Professionals may wish to make their further contribution to the field of sports and hence to the progress of India’ concludes Prof. Rajkumar, SRM University.

Born on 3rd January 1986 from the Southern district of Tamil Nadu called Tirupattur, Prof. Rajkumar has done M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering from B.S.Abdur Rahman University.  IS360 Wishes the young Professor a very happy Birthday and bright future through this column.

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kattankulathur Campus, SRM University

Research Interests:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Brain-Computer Interface.

Selected Publications:

Rajkumar, V. Ganapathy, Virtual Reality Multiple Questionnaires examination platforms, Dubai International education Conclave, Curtin University, Dubai, 2018. 

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Papers Presented:

Rajkumar, V. Ganapathy, Virtual Reality Multiple Questionnaires examination platforms, Dubai International education Conclave, Curtin University, Dubai, 2018.

R.Rajkumar, V.Sankaranarayanan, “The Blot Virtual Learning system” International Conference on ICOLANCE-2013, Singapore.

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R.Rajkumar, U.Mohandas “The Keypod : Portable all-purpose keyboard” in International conference on FACT-2010, India.

Work in Progress:

With V. Ganapathy Customized E-Learning with Brain-Computer Interface.

With Dr Y. Pradeep Kumar, IOT dental chair.


“The keypod- user-friendly T9 computer keyboard”, CHE/8448/2008, IPR-Chennai.

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Prof. Rajkumar can be reached at

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