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Cultivating Hope: The Visionary Leadership of Mr. Mayank Gandhi at Global Vikas Trust

In the heart of Mumbai, Maharashtra, a transformative movement is quietly changing the face of rural India. At the helm of this not-for-profit initiative stands Mr. Mayank Gandhi, the Managing Trustee of Global Vikas Trust (GVT). Let’s dive into the remarkable journey of GVT and the impactful leadership of Mr. Mayank Gandhi.

Global Vikas Trust: A Catalyst for Change:

Global Vikas Trust operates as a not-for-profit movement committed to grassroots transformation in India. Their mission revolves around the #RuralEconomicRevolution, with a specific focus on Environment, Economy, and the comprehensive development of farmers and their families. GVT initiated its groundbreaking work in the Beed district of Maharashtra through the “Global Parli” project, a testament to their commitment to rural upliftment.

From Parli to Prosperity: A Proof of Concept

“Global Parli” served as a proof of concept that showcased the transformative power of GVT’s approach. By combining proper planning, training, and technology support, GVT successfully multiplied farmers’ incomes by 5x or even 10x. This success story became the driving force behind GVT’s expansion, reaching over 20,000 villages and impacting 15000+ farmer families in 11 districts of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Global Value Trust
Global Value Trust

Image Credits: GVT global value trust

A Visionary Leader: Mayank Gandhi's Impactful Leadership:

Mayank Gandhi, as the Managing Trustee of GVT, brings passion and vision to the forefront of the organization’s initiatives. His commitment to addressing not just economic aspects but also social issues is evident in the unique campaigns undertaken by GVT.

From Despair to Hope: The DAARU BANDI Campaign:

Mayank Gandhi’s leadership took a poignant turn when faced with the grim reality of alcohol dependence in rural communities. Narratives like that of Sangeeta from Rewali village struck a chord. The DAARU BANDI campaign emerged as a solution to not only social unrest but also as a means to encourage greater farmer involvement in agricultural activities.

Community-Led Change: Women Empowerment in Action :

In a bold move, thousands of women and children took to the streets, holding torches and walking around villages during the DAARU BANDI campaign. Their collective voice resonated as they requested alcohol sellers to shut their shops. Women, with unwavering determination, sat outside liquor stores singing bhajans until the sale of illicit liquor ceased.

Transforming Lives Beyond Alcohol Dependence:

The ripple effect of the DAARU BANDI campaign was profound. With the obstacle of alcohol dependence removed, farmers became more receptive to adopting new agricultural methods. They actively participated in training sessions, made informed decisions, and demonstrated increased engagement in farming activities.

A Sustainable Legacy: GVT's Ongoing Impact:

The DAARU BANDI campaign is just one example of GVT’s holistic approach to rural development under the leadership of Mr. Mayank Gandhi. By addressing social issues in tandem with economic challenges, GVT continues to create a sustainable impact on the lives of farmers and their families across India

Mr. Mayank Gandhi GVT

Image Credits: GVT global value trust

In conclusion, the journey of Global Vikas Trust, guided by the visionary leadership of Mr. Mayank Gandhi, amplifies the power of community-driven change. From economic empowerment to social transformation, GVT stands as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that a comprehensive approach is the key to rural upliftment in India. Mayank Gandhi’s commitment to #RuralEconomicRevolution is not just a vision but a tangible force that is shaping the future of rural communities.

Mayank Gandhi can be reached at

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