IS360 Mart – ‘Reverse withdrawal Payment method to onboard Small Outlets’

There’s a miracle in every new beginning.  Every new endeavor is a challenge that we want to meet with excellence. And now, it’s time for us to venture out to a new horizon. We are all set to launch a new Shopping revolution – IS360 Mart, our Virtual Supermarket during ensuing Navratri season’ explains Thowjithsafiulla, CTO of India Startup360.  ‘IS360 Mart offers a wide variety of onboarding modes for Outlet’s convenience. Along with the traditional transaction fee types, IS360 Mart also lets you set out the Payments by Outlets Sales and Product Price -something that no one else offers! The default rules for store-specific or product-specific levels are overwritten  or simply keep the rules globally’

Outlets can now adjust the commission options for the Shipping Cost, Tax Cost and Coupon Deduction as well! Talk about flexible Commission Setup and IS360 Mart is there for Mini Super Markets even. IS360 allows payment disbursal only through withdrawal. The Outlets requires a request for the payment and the admin may approve the payment either manually or by auto-approval. The entire transaction is Transparent and fast and ensures a win-win Business environment. Another new feature that WCFM Marketplace offers you is the ability to manage the shipping of the products. Admin can allow 2 types of shipping to the Outlets – Shipping by Country and Shipping by Zone. In Country-wise shipping, Outlets can select shipping by specifying the states where the items can be shipped. If you select Zone wise shipping, not just the region (continent) can be specified but the country, state and even the postal code can also be specified. A unique 3PL logistics system will ensure fast and prompt Last Mile delivery.

‘Outlets can set Default Shipping Price, Per Product Additional Price or Per Quantity Additional Price when Country-wise shipping is selected. You can also manage the processing time of the shipment as well as the country from where the product is shipped. Customers choose multiple shipping methods like Flat-rate Shipping, Free Shipping or Local Pickup for each zone when you select the Shipping by Zone option! The Outlets can edit each zone according to the country, state or postal code. The Outlets may also edit the Shipping cost for each shipping method and the Outlets commission will be calculated taking into account the shipping costs’
Mr Thowjithsafiulla
CTO of India Startup360

If the customer buys a product and is not satisfied with the same? You would want to exchange it or request for a refund, right? Well, IS360 Mart eases up the return policy for the Outlets. Outlets may request a refund based on the support ticket decision. Every outlet Outlets can define all the types of policies for the store and products without much hassle! They can now define the Shipping, Refund or the Cancellation/ Return/ Exchange Policies for either selective products or for sitewise products. This ensures a hassle-free transaction minimizing the disputes and ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

‘In any Business aggregation model, A customer may have several queries before or after purchasing a product. As Outlets, it’s important to answer all their queries. IS360 Mart allows you to set out the customer support information on your site so that our customers can reach out to us anytime. Even can provide a Support Address, Support Email or a Support Phone number for the customers. Under the Customer Support tab in Settings, Outlets can fill in with the necessary contact details. This information will be available to the customers in their order details as well as the store invoice’. Concludes Safi.

IS360 Mart is a unique Virtual Shopping experience which will revolutionise the Online Shopping Platforms. Customers can have a safe Shopping environment with 100% Live Shopping Environment with innumerable brand choices and one to one interaction with the Stores sitting at home.

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Disclaimer - This article is based on the details shared by the Business owner during personal discussion &/or thro mail, messages, website & Social Media. Readers may ascertain the facts personally and involve in any business transactions. IS360 can not be responsible for the inconveniences if any.

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