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Unlocking Financial Potential: IS360 Expo Cum Summit 2024 Paves the Way for Startups and MSMEs to Raise Funds and Secure Incubation Opportunities

Participating in the IS360 Expo Cum Summit 2024 offers startups and MSMEs a golden opportunity to raise funds through the exclusive Fundraiser event on 24th February 2024. This unique platform provides a direct interface with renowned financial institutions, including SIDBI, Bank of Baroda’s MSME branch, BYST, and several others.

Key Benefits for Startups and MSMEs:

Why Participate in the Fundraiser Event :

Participation in the IS360 Expo Cum Summit 2024 is not just an event – it’s a strategic move towards securing the funding and support needed to propel your startup or MSME to new heights.

Seize this opportunity to pitch, connect, and pave the way for your venture’s financial success.

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