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From Chennai to Seattle: Kavita Murugan’s Inspirational Journey

In the bustling world of business, women are increasingly making their mark, shining brightly with their innovative ideas and unyielding determination. One such inspiring story is that of Kavita Murugan, a young entrepreneur from Chennai who has successfully launched and expanded her online cake business ‘The Madras Patisserie,’ in both Chennai and Seattle. Her journey is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and the support of loved ones. Let’s learn something from Kavita Murugan’s Inspirational Journey.

Roots in Business

Kavita hails from a business-oriented family. “Mine is a business family. My father continued to run the grocery business of his grandfather and expanded it to supermarkets. Along with my father, my mother also plays an important role in the business,” Kavita shares. Despite having business in her blood, Kavita was determined to carve her own niche without taking over the family business.

Discovering a Passion

After completing her degree in Chennai, Kavita moved to the US to pursue an MBA. During her time there, she discovered a great passion for cake baking. “In the US, it’s normal for homes to have an oven. So, I used that opportunity to practice making cakes,” Kavita recalls. She learned baking through online resources and spent her free time perfecting her skills. 

"After many attempts and failures, I mastered the art of cake making," - Kavitha Murugan

Image credits : The Madras Patisserie

Returning Home and Seizing Opportunities

Due to family circumstances, Kavita returned to Chennai. Despite looking for a job, she continued baking and gifting cakes to friends and relatives. Her first business opportunity came unexpectedly when her husband’s friend asked her to bake a cake for an engagement party. This initial order led to more orders through word of mouth, gradually building her confidence in her baking skills.

Image credits : Instagram/@themadraspatissiere

Launching The Madras Patisserie

Encouraged by her success, Kavita decided to take up cake baking as a full-time career. “In 2018, I officially started ‘The Madras Patisserie,’ an online cake business,” she says. She created an Instagram account to showcase her work and attract customers. “When I started this business, only one of my assistants and I were working. This business of mine did not reach its peak as soon as I took it,” she explains.

Growth During the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kavita’s business saw unexpected growth. “Orders started pouring in which I never expected. As I couldn’t cope on my own, I hired a succession of staff,” she says. Today, Kavita has 12 employees, most of whom are women. Her business now generates nearly 60 lakh rupees per year. Her husband’s unwavering support has been crucial throughout her entrepreneurial journey. “My husband’s support has been very important in my business journey. He advises me on what can be done to expand this industry to the next platforms,” Kavita notes.

Image credits : The Madras Patisserie

Balancing Global Ventures

Kavita currently lives in Seattle with her husband but visits Chennai every four months to oversee her business. “My team members are the main reason for this success. They are my greatest strength,” she emphasizes. Despite the geographical distance, Kavita has managed to maintain the quality and efficiency of her business thanks to her dedicated team.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Kavita has ambitious plans for ‘The Madras Patisserie.

"The next step is to deliver brownies and cookies all over India. I would also like to conduct cake-baking workshops and thereby impart my knowledge of baking tricks to many people. On top of all this, I have a dream of creating an online and offline store to sell quality packing equipment and accessories." -Kavitha Murugan

Kavita has also started a similar online cake business in Seattle, USA, named ‘The Cake Life Chose Me,’ successfully running it through adedicated Instagram page for her customers there


Kavita Murugan’s story is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. Her journey from passion to successful enterprise demonstrates that with dedication, resilience, and the support of loved ones, any goal is achievable. 

Kavita’s success with ‘The Madras Patisserie’ not only highlights her entrepreneurial spirit but also serves as an inspiration for other women aspiring to make their mark in the business world.

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