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‘Dalvi Pattern – Smart Vermicomposting System and Organic Farming’

On 23rd August 2022, the “Dalvi Pattern – Smart Vermicomposting System and Organic farming” plant at Mumbai University campus, Kalina was visited by ” ASEAN “ team members of various countries.

Dr. Subhash Dalvi, OSD, SWM, BMC, Mumbai explained the design and process of the plant to them.

Team consisting Mr. Agus Saptono, Consul General – Indonesia, Mr. Zainal Azlan Mohd Nadzir, Consul General – Malaysia, Ms. Nattasuda Mettaprasert, Dy. Consul General – Thailand, Mr. Duong Duc Anh, Vice Consul- Dy. Chief of mission – Vietnam, and Dr. Shailendra Devlankar, Director – School of International Relations and Strategic Studies (SIRSS), University of Mumbai was all praise.  All are highly inspired after experiencing the results and quality output of ” Smart Compost System and Organic farming plant”

Dr. Subhash Dalvi, who works with the civic solid waste department of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, also dedicates his spare time to helping other government employees kick their smoking, drinking, and tobacco-chewing habits. A BMC officer by day and an anti-addiction crusader by night, Subhash Dalvi is a cape-less vigilante whose entire life seems to be dedicated to fighting waste. Dalvi, a Special Duty Officer from the civic body*s Solid Waste department, uses most of his spare time trying to prevent others from wasting away their lives.

The initiator of “Zero Plastic Bag” campaign, BMC’s Officer on Special Duty – Mr. Subhash Dalvi, who is himself a resident of Vile Parle. As a citizen he thought of bringing about a change first in his own backyard. Vile Parle East area is home to hundreds of hawkers who squat on the footpaths and even roads of Nehru Road, M G Road and Mungibai Roads. How could Mr Subhash Dalvi bring about this transformation?  It was sheer hard work, fueled by his dedication and care for the environment, he said.  Regularly, since the past one year, Mr Dalvi has interacted with the hawkers, understood their problems, their psychology, their microeconomics in using “Jhabla” bags so far, convenience of customers etc. He went about offering them alternatives like cheap paper bags, newspapers, butter-paper bags, washable and reusable cloth bags at cheap rates. Convincing them about the need to save our environment.

“It was not a cake-walk, ‘ he confessed.  It was constant cajoling, convincing, building relationships, his own honesty and moral pressure which he exerted upon the hawkers and shop keepers that he could achieve whatever he did. 

Subhash Dalvi can be reached at –

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