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Sailing Through Uncertainties: A Compass for Startups and MSMEs Post-COVID

The seas of the post-COVID business landscape are turbulent, and startups, like resilient sailors, must navigate through these challenging waters. Here’s a compass to guide them through, with neutral insights and opportunities for growth

Embrace Agility and Innovation

In this unpredictable climate, adaptability is the sailor’s best friend. Startups should consider trimming their sails, recalibrating their course, and embracing innovation to steer through uncertainties.

Example :

Companies like Airbnb and Slack adjusted their sails swiftly during the pandemic, showcasing the power of adaptability in staying afloat.

Leverage Virtual Platforms for Growth:

As physical ports remain uncertain, virtual harbors beckon. Virtual expos and online networking become the wind in the sails, propelling startups to showcase their offerings in a digital sea.

Example :

The rise of virtual events like TEDx and product launches on YouTube illustrates the potential of reaching broader audiences through digital platforms.

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Access to Funding Opportunities :

The treasure chest for startups lies in diverse funding sources. Exploring various channels—from government grants to venture capitalists—can be the key to unlocking the financial support needed for their journey.

Example :

Unicorns like SpaceX and Palantir found their treasure trove in funding rounds, proving that opportunities are abundant for those who seek.

Strategic Mentorship Programs :

In these uncharted waters, a seasoned navigator can be the difference between drifting and sailing smoothly. Seeking mentorship from experienced leaders can offer startups a guiding star through storms.

Example :

The success stories of startups like Instagram and LinkedIn credit part of their journey to mentorship from industry veterans.


Collaborative Ecosystem for Synergies:

Hoisting a collaborative flag allows startups to join forces, sharing resources and weathering the storm together. In a sea of challenges, strength lies in unity.

Example :

Collaborative initiatives like the Linux Foundation showcase the power of shared resources and collective innovation.

Continuous Learning Opportunities:

A well-equipped crew is a resilient crew. Startups can set their sails towards continuous learning—utilizing webinars, workshops, and training sessions—to navigate the ever-evolving seascape.

Example :

Platforms like Khan Academy and MasterClass have become the lighthouses for those seeking knowledge and skill enhancement.


Navigating with IS360:

While this compass provides neutral guidance, IS360 offers a sturdy ship to brave the waters. With virtual expos, collaborative platforms, mentorship programs, and access to funding networks, IS360 becomes the trusted navigator for startups and MSMEs, ensuring a smoother voyage through the uncertainties that lie ahead. The decision to embark on this collaborative journey rests with the startups, as they set their sails towards new horizons with IS360 as a trusted guide.

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