India Startup360

Original price was: ₹75,000.Current price is: ₹60,000. / 12 months

Marketing & Promotional Services



  • Investor Pitch Deck Creation
  • Investor Matchmaking
  • Crowdfunding Campaign (Basic)*
  • Crowdfunding Campaign (Premium)*
  • One-on-One Mentoring Sessions
  • Group Mentoring Workshops
  • Virtual Mentoring Programs
  • Mentor Matchmaking
  • Intensive Accelerator Program
  • Digital Marketing Strategy (Annual)
  • Social Media Management (Annual)
  • Content Creation (Annual)
  • Email Marketing (Annual)
  • WhatsApp Marketing (Annual)
  • 1 Year Free Stall at IS360 Expo
  • Story in IS360 Blog
  • Participation in Tek Tak Show

Dream Merchant

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