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With an air of uncertainty of Mankind returning to Normal life, the Social distancing necessitated by Corona Pandemic has resulted in cancellation of major Business expos, Trade fairs and Business summits. IS360 Expo is a handy solution to those business needs when the Industries and Business community is struggling hard to get back to normalcy and consolidate their business.

The virtual expo is catching on like wildfire these days. More and more expo organizers and expo managers are coming forth to conduct their expos and trade expos in the online space…more and more companies are setting up their stalls in online virtual expos…

Caught up in the midst of all these fuzz, software developers and designers across the globe are left with no other option…but to exploit the situation to the maximum and develop highly efficient virtual trade show software.

And while you are at it…conducting a virtual expo using one of those software’s, let’s just bombard you with few tips on how to take your 3D virtual exhibition up the flights of success.

IS360 has a ready made platform and intends to conduct one expo every month starting from August 2020. Expos on different themes depending on festivity, Business needs & volume. We can also take up special events on demand. 

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