While there are a wide variety of virtual retail options, they do come with their own set of challenges!

virtual retail options

‘Be it fresh produce, apparel, beauty products, handicrafts, Chocolates, Cakes or other seasonal products, today you have several online and offline avenues to market and make profits’ says Hari Haran, Founder of Poorna Corp Bahrain. ‘A wide variety of virtual retail options have emerged due to the Corona Pandemic’

'you need to learn and master the art of online marketing & find quick ways of packaging, shipping, and meeting tight deadlines to reach your product to the consumer. Selling at a flea market may be a completely different ball game. No doubt there is good money in it' Hari explains the art of selling in a Flea Market.

Hari counts Top  Advantages of Selling at Virtual Flea Markets. Uniqueness in a Visual Environment, Zero Entry Barrier & no fear of Pandemic, very high Sales Potential due to better visibility, long term business development due to digital Branding options through AVs and Catalogue, low-cost Market Research options, zero Geographical limitations, lively Shopping environment sitting at home at any comfortable time, better bargain through text/video chat, easy payment options and above all loyal customer base that can propel your part-time/domestic venture into a full-time business.

'At the IS360 Flea Market, we pride ourselves on our diverse and unique Virtual Digital Promotion of Products, in the comfort of unlimited online sale right sitting at your Shop/home/office. Connecting buyers and sellers right through a mobile phone. We attract a large local and surrounding community without any geographical barrier. Most of the Business Community lost their business due to continuous Lockdown. But we offer the best way to bid goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021 through our Virtual Flea Market' sums up Hari.

IS360 Virtual events are events held online using simple web-based platforms to connect thousands of attendees from across the globe. No additional software or Apps required even on mobile phones. Absolutely user friendly and very cost-effective.

Hari Haran, Founder of Poorna Corp Bahrain

Apart from prominent views for all Stalls, the platform has ample branding space and product display stands. Business owners can have their existing e-commerce portal hooked up for easy transaction and convenient online payment mode. They can have their own delivery/payment mechanism to suit individual Business volume and style. Thus even a small Vendor can go online with ease and serve a larger customer base.

Hariharan Pushpavanam, a post-graduate in Commerce and International Business are specialized in marketing and Trading. Closely associated with local international associations. The other domain knowledge being –  in advertising, branding, trade publications, conferences, expo, security solutions, destination promotion,  e-commerce activities. He is the founder of Poorna Corp Group and Managing Director of Unitrade Alliance Private Limited, mainly focusing on import/export, B2B and B2C. and e-commerce activities, post Covid situation.

Disclaimer - This article is based on the details shared by the Business owner during personal discussion &/or thro mail, messages, website & Social Media. Readers may ascertain the facts personally and involve in any business transactions. IS360 can not be responsible for the inconveniences if any.

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