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‘There has been a paradigm shift in how children are being educated in the recent past’ says  Jofin Joseph  Founder and CEO of Totto learning, a Startup from Kochi. ‘A lot of them have moved to an online learning environment. Though we can debate all-day about the pro’s and con’s of the model, there is a group which has been  ignored in the midst of this change; the preschoolers’.

‘Totto learning is on a mission to empower young parents to be super parents. Because super parents create super kids’ says Jofin in a brief chat with IS360. ‘Early learning  before the pandemic happened within a preschool environment where children were guided and assisted by teachers helping them learn. The current pandemic situation has put early learning at risk and our kids spend most of their time at home. Early childhood learning is done right when a kid is left to explore, engage and experience things around them, online learning where teachers teach on the screen will not work for these early learners’ adds Jofin.

Totto learning are an early learning solution for kids below 8 years with a focus on preparing them for the future than tactically focusing on only short term goals. They plan on creating super parents by equipping them with the required knowledge and tools to turn their kids to super kids within their home environment. Focusing on real world experiential learning and limiting screen time, the program enables parents to create an ideal learning environment within their homes.

'We believe that learning does not happen in schools alone' asserts Jofin. 'At a young age, children learn more through play and experiences than they do from the classroom. It is important to provide those experiences and activities to them in a structured way. Totto Learnig is a holistic approach to preschool education, in which the parent and child grow together hand in hand. Focusing on a child's innate learning abilities, the learning program boosts their creativity and nurture habit formations by micro interventions for both parent and child' Jofin adds.

Mr. Jofin Joseph,
Founder and CEO of Totto learning, a Startup from Kochi.

Totto learning is an app, a free and easy to use app, which is one stop place for all your parenting needs. Acting as a personalised guide for you, it helps parents with a mindful parenting experience – understanding your child’s milestones and helping you to give them the right care, learning and joy at each stage. It also  assist parents with tips, activities, assessments and more; the app becomes an integral part of  the super parent journey.

‘Since the birth of my first child, I got fascinated by early childhood development and started researching and learning. I was surprised by how short-term focused the current early learning environment was and wanted to bring in changeI wanted to build a place where children have a learning environment which nurtures their skills in a natural way’concludes Jofin.

Totto learning pack is a futuristic box, filled with activities that empowers you to effectively carry out home learning. Delivered every month at your doorstep, it is an active learning pack with zero screen time. It helps you to supplement the child’s everyday learning needs with activities, worksheets, learning toys, posters, and more.

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