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‘If you become too lenient; it will set a precedent for others to challenge your decision’ says Thiyagarajan Govindasamy, Principal Human Resources Consultant at TalentHut PLT, Malaysia. ‘It is mind vs heart many times when you need to stern action against an erring subordinate’

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Raj, as he is known in his circles, quotes a small incident shared by Gan Teck Hooi, Business Coach. ‘The management team was informed that the staff was caught stealing items from one of their outlets. Hooi was so furious & made it clear upfront that they were going to take very stern action so that this would never repeat again. When he found the staff in question was a single mum, and she had her young daughter also in the store with her, all his resolve to ensure stern action was taken, went out the window and decided to give her a second chance’.

Had they took this to the authorities – the kids would go to a welfare home… this felt wrong and hope that the lady will learn from being given a second chance.

'I encounter similar situations many times. It is mind vs heart. If you become too lenient; it will set a precedent for others to challenge your decision if you meet different punishments for the same offense. Nevertheless, this is where a true leader is able to differentiate his decision and justify it' adds Raj.

‘Another option is to get another job in another company. In that way, we are consistent with our approach at the same time; we show we care. It takes extra effort’ Raj puts his HR instinct straight.

'We provide a wide range of HR Consulting/Services like Executive Search, Recruitment, Headhunting, Contingency Hiring, Employer Branding, Employment Background / Credential Verification, Training & Development, Business Excellence, Policies & Process Formulation & Performance Management' he briefs his service portfolio.

Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across various industries and business functions we collaborate with clients & work as a trusted advisor to help them make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements.

TalentHut key Services include:

  • Executive Search
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Human Resources Outsource
  • Expatriate Management
  • Payroll Outsource
  • HR Resources Consulting & Training.

‘Our Core Values include, Customer First, Speed and Quality, Process and Fact-based, Create Value & Innovation’ concludes Raj.

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