Young management team with extensive corporate experience in new age technologies! SBAGS, Pune’s USP.

SBAGs Pune

“Our love for agriculture produces a taste of native and rustic on the people’s table. We wanted to have a produce which are tasteful, fresh and nutrient rich foods” explains Bhushan Gadhave about their new venture ‘Taza Bharat, Maza Bharat (Fresh India, My India) 

Bhushan Gadhave

“Automation and analytics based supply chain management that’s the identity of BAGS” he adds. “We are a unique FPO since the helm promoted & run by young management team. This Entrepreneurial experience we are applying to the core farming method, supply change management and optimum utilization of warehouse management for getting the right produce at the right price thus creating win-win situations for farmers, FPO and end consumers”.

SBAGS is  at the growth stage and  well positioned to cater the farmer’s family with 360 degree support right from seed provider to the final product reaching the market. It works with all the integrators to bring into the aggregated place so to have a solution at the right time.  

Right from seeds, fertilizers, mechanical farming machines and tools are provided by SBAGs to the farmers.  They also deal in agricultural produce like herbs, Spices, Dry fruits and super rich foods. 

“We intend to develop an automated supply chain management with the goal of keeping the food nutrient rich and always fresh” Bhushan narrates their future plans. “We want to exploit the new export market and to cultivate the high standard product fulfilling the export demand”.

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