Herbal India Phytochem (HIP) – ‘Computational Studies reveal the potential antiviral activity of phytochemicals from medicinal plants for the treatment of COVID-19’.

Herbal India Phytochem, Himachal Pradesh,  manufacturers and exporters of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Nutraceuticals, Phytochemicals & Herbal extracts in India are widely acclaimed for manufacturing of world-class Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for numerous health impairments under stringent compliance of present current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Founded in 2009, HIP  is committed to the extraction and manufacturing of high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients, phytochemicals and herbal extracts.

During the personal discussions with India Startup360, Mr Vikas Singla, Partner of Herbal India Phytochem (HIP) explains their Vision as

‘We aim towards manufacturing and marketing supreme quality products with the capability to meet stringent and highest international standards. We aspire to offer 100 per cent satisfaction to our esteemed clientele at all levels. Our hi-tech multi-purpose plant equipped with state-of-the-art and highly advanced machinery run under proficient supervision of highly qualified professionals help us achieve our goal time and again. We have been bestowed by accolades and priceless appreciation of our clients and industry experts for our dedicated efforts.’
Mr Vikas Singla
Partner of Herbal India Phytochem (HIP)

Herbal India Phytochem is every aspect is committed to the extraction and manufacturing of high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients, phytochemicals and herbal extracts. The quintessence of herbal India Phytochem is the technologically superior manufacturing unit which is currently capable of processing over 250 metric tonne of raw material per month. The facility is built entirely in accordance with the standards laid down in WHO GMP guidelines. This ensures the highest standards of quality in our products.

‘Our natural and carefully produced Phytochemicals (API) are widely acknowledged and demanded by esteemed patrons and partners. These products are designed in a fashion to meet stringent international standards for quality. Our ultimate aim is to provide consumers with Highly Affordable, Technologically Advanced, and High-Quality Formulations and Natural Products that are also capable of benefiting the end customer. We want our partners to enjoy a competitive edge in their respective markets with our products. We also guarantee their profitability throughout our partnership’ Vikas adds. ; We have a well equipped and trained staff which includes production manager, boiler operator, QC QA staff, marketing head etc.’

Herbal India Phytochem is the most quality conscious manufacturer and exporter of Phytochemicals and Herbal extracts. GMP. Their Manufacturing Unit near Bakra is certified. ISO-18001, ISO-14001 & ISO-9001 unit. Their products: the range includes Sennosides, Senna Thio-colchicoside Colchicine Ashwagandha Andrographis Boswellia Serrata Coleus extract Bacopa. The spread of COVID-19 across continents has led to a global health emergency.

COVID-19 disease caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has affected nearly all the continents with around 2.06 million confirmed cases worldwide. Currently, only a few regimes have been suggested to fight the infection and no specific antiviral agent or vaccine is available. Repurposing of the existing drugs or use of natural products are the fastest options available for the treatment’ Vikas sums up. ‘HIP aims at the international market and is exploring all possible associations to take their products to all parts of the World.

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