Arun Joshi’s handy Solutions to Distressed NPA Accounts!

Respite to financially distressed company, defaulting or loss-making company! Arun Joshi has handy solutions to NPA accounts.

“As a young lad I have seen ‘Jaldoot’, Water wagons bright Pottable water my home town drought-hit Latur city from Miraj covering a distance of around 342 kilometres” recalls Arun Joshi, CEO of Apohan Corporate Consultants Pvt. Ltd. “If the Government can take such an initiative to answer the drought situation of Latur, I can find solutions to many such business phenomena. That’s how Apohan was born” Joshi explains his vision statement in a single line.

Apohan, meaning Dialysis in English, is a leading M&A company in India. "We have interacted with around 900 Indian SMEs to understand their funding issues. These businesses we select for equity funding are led by reputed & established technocrats who have tremendous operational & marketing strength and we assist them with end-to-end & customized equity funding solution right from funding problem identification, investment requirement schedule & structuring by onboarding suitable investors from our wide network of investors" explains Arun,

The complete preparation consists  of documentation, valuation models, due diligence, investment contract to deal closure. 

Apohan also formulates a business strategy, financial strategy & corporate management strategy to make a business professional, profitable, growing, stable & sustainable apart from being eligible & attractive for sufficient equity funding.

"We have developed an ecosystem of outstanding quality businesses, expert M&A professionals, all varieties of investors & allied financial intermediaries to provide holistic solution" adds Arun with confidence.

When asked about their Restart package to MSMEs distressed by COVID-19, Mr Joshi has an immediate reply. We have scope for many business models in our Ecosystem. They can associate with Apohan in the following ways:

  1. A high potential or growing business needing equity funding for new projects, new products, new markets, other new growth initiatives, etc.
  2. A financially distressed company, defaulting or loss-making company, an NPA, ARC, CIRP, etc account for equity finance for financial turnaround on profitability merit.
  3. An aspiring professional business: For the formulation of a long-term business strategy, financing strategy & corporate management plan to undertake big growth initiatives.
  4. A financial services company, M&A professional firm, financial intermediary, business deal broker: For M&A related strategic, statutory & compliance work in collaboration with Apohan.
  5. An individual/institutional strategic investor or financial investor interested in private companies:  For buyout/equity investment in well-screened, well-studied, well-documented well-represented private businesses” he sums up.

Mr Joshi is also part if IS360 Ecosystem. Startups can utilise his professional services for the formulation of a long-term business strategy, financing strategy & corporate management plan to undertake big growth initiatives.

Arun Joshi can be reached as below:-

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