Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are continually being sought after by start-ups looking for business cards, logos, brochures, and the likes. 

Graphic designers get paid per hour or based on the project at hand.

As a graphic designer you can also support book publishers.

Books often need illustrations, drawings, and cartoons as well as a front and back cover designs and the graphic designer creates individualised visual designs, images and covers. Large and small companies spend huge sums on brochures and other marketing materials. If you can promote such services too, you could increase your income.

To market yourself, you could either bid for jobs on freelance sites or set up your own Website!

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Disclaimer - This article is based on the details shared by the Business owner during personal discussion &/or thro mail, messages, website & Social Media. Readers may ascertain the facts personally and involve in any business transactions. IS360 can not be responsible for the inconveniences if any.

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