Day: 23 November 2020

‘The dynamics of globalization will impact the social, cultural, and economic aspects. Through effective network’

Image from ‘We are the non-sectarian global organization for the 30 million People of Indian Origin (PIO)’s spread around the world in about 100 countries’ says Mr. S Gunasekaran, popularity known as Guna, Chairman of The Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin or GOPIO, Malaysia in a formal chat with IS360. ‘Through cooperation […]

‘Planned logistics in supply chain management is extremely important to successful business’

‘Behind every great leader there was an even greater logistician’ states V. Ravi, Co-Founder of the Ecargolog– spear heading the organisation. ‘Effective logistics plan includes automation, delivery time, and coordination. Even if a business is successful there is always room for improvement. V. Ravi, Co-Founder of the Ecargolog. ‘Your Logistics Strategies Generate Positive Business Results […]

‘Startups can begin anywhere, and it’s often the countries with the greatest needs that present the biggest opportunities’

‘General perception about Startups is that it needs to be in a developed country where all the resources are available’ says Dr. Prakash Sharma, Ambassador of International Startup Ecosystem, Pcombinator & EUGDPRWBAF Angel Investment Fund, Pune. ‘But it’s the other way round. We often see the countries with the greatest needs that present the biggest […]

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